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Speech volume

Speech Volume

Do you ever struggle to make yourself heard? Do people ask you to repeat yourself? Is the dial for your speech volume turned down? If so, we will show you some simple, practical steps to develop your vocal projection and speak louder.

You might have heard of 'speaking from the belly'. This means using your abdominal muscles as bellows to propel air out of your lungs and past your voice-box, making air molecules vibrate, and creating sound. The strong abdominal muscles support the sound, which means you can project your voice forwards with power and volume.

"Can you hear me over there?"

The three most important factors affecting speech volume are the amount of air in your lungs, the way you use your belly muscles and your posture. Our voice training experts will show you how to achieve an appropriate posture, how to breathe in enough air and how to pump it out again gently - projecting your voice.

The importance of breathing

You need to breathe well in order to speak well, but if you are constantly stressed (and who isn't these days?) you can easily develop bad breathing habits, which can cause problems with your voice. Millions of people breathe poorly, and therefore speak ineffectively.

So are you a bad breather? Do you ever find yourself running out of breath towards the ends of sentences? Do you gasp, yawn or sigh regularly? Do you ever feel light-headed or develop a tight throat while speaking? Do your shoulders and/or your chest rise when you breathe in? If you recognise any of these symptoms you probably need help with your breathing technique.

Some of the signs of stress-based breathing are more subtle, however. Many of our clients don't know they are breathing badly until we show them. We love the "Eureka!" moment that follows, when people eventually start to breathe well (and feel calm) for the first time in years.

Breathing well is also vital to create volume. If you don't breathe well, you will probably try to use your throat muscles to power your voice, which is very ineffective and can result in vocal health problems.

Deep down your body knows how to breathe well, and we will help you remove the effects of stress and remind you what to do.

Muscle tensions can affect your voice

Muscle tensions can affect your posture and influence the way you speak. They can also hold your belly tight, restricting your ability to support your sound. You can only project your voice if you relax your abdominal muscles before using them as bellows. If they are tight and contracted, the bellows won't work properly.

Lots of people habitually hold their belly in - often without being aware of it until we point it out. If this is your habit you will not be able to use your voice effectively, and this may cause voice health problems.

Don’t worry – we can help!

We will show you how to project your voice and create volume without shouting or straining. With our techniques you will always be heard and you should never suffer from a tired voice again. We will help you find a comfortable, yet upright posture so your sound can flow out freely. And we'll train you to use the appropriate muscles for creating volume and power.

More details

To learn more about how Simply Speaking can help you project your voice, why not sign up for our mini e-course, which contains loads of practical voice training tips to get you started.

Or contact us now for a free initial voice assessment and our voice training experts will explain how you can start increasing your speech volume today.

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