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The art and science of influence and impact

Simply Speaking teaches leaders the art and science of influence and impact.

Our experience shows that there is an excellent communicator in all of us … even if it is sometimes buried deep.

Our Director, Helen Sewell, is an unparalleled leadership communication specialist – Europe’s only broadcaster/journalism trainer with a Master’s degree in Communication and Performance Coaching.

Helen will unearth your natural talent, bring it to the surface and give you the tools to make it shine – enhancing your influence, increasing your impact and raising your reputation.

Unearth your natural talent with communication specialist support

Helen offers four Executive Communication programs to increase your impact and influence. Currently all delivered virtually, they are:

The Reputation Raiser Program: An extensive, 12-month coaching program for ambitious business leaders who recognise the personal and corporate value of communicating as well as the global best. This is for you if you want to significantly increase your impact and raise your reputation with stakeholders and potential stakeholders.

The Presentation Saviour Intensive: An intensive one-month program of individual coaching plus extensive support for Senior Executives. This program is for you if you need fast, concentrated support to help you influence and inspire in important pitches and presentations.

The Media Rescue Intensive: An intensive one-month program of individual media training/coaching plus extensive support. If you are a Senior Executive who is short on time, but needs to develop the skills to impress and influence through the media, this program is for you.

The Influence Boost Workshop: An in-house, bespoke series of online workshops for up to six Senior Executives who need to demonstrate inspirational communication skills. This program helps to build successful relationships and achieve increased buy-in to your suggestions.

For programs created to meet your specific needs, please do get in touch and Helen will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Helen Sewell – unique, results-driven communication specialist

Executive Communication Specialist Helen SewellHelen’s guidance and advice is based on her unique, multidisciplinary approach to successful leadership communication.

A communication specialist with a difference, Helen blends powerful interpersonal techniques with principles of journalistic elegance and a unique approach to composure and poise. She mixes all this with professional performance skills to help each client excel in every communication.

Helen’s methods and techniques are tried and tested, as well as results-driven. They will empower you to create more gravitas, a more authoritative presence, more impact and more influence.

Helen’s exclusive methods of enhancing personal impact can also dramatically increase profits, something no other executive communication specialist can demonstrate. Her clients reap the rewards.

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