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Interacting powerfully with others to influence and inspire involves three fundamental aspects of communication:

Linking the three processes of listening, questioning and messaging requires careful skill. If you get it right, your conversations will be more constructive and your meetings will be more successful. If you get it wrong, you risk losing face and losing business.

Our Leadership Communication Specialist, Helen Sewell is here to help you climb the communication mountains and avoid the pitfalls.

Listening productively

Listening productively

The vast majority of leaders think they listen effectively, but most are inadvertently and unknowingly blocking their ability to listen. True active listening is a powerful tool that can have significant positive effects. Conversely, blocked listening can hinder smooth progress and hamper achievements.

Our Leadership Communication Specialist will ensure that your active listening skills are completely up to scratch, that they help you to create powerful interactions with others, and that they put you firmly on the path to influence and success.

Questioning creatively

Questioning creatively

Many leaders take their questioning skills for granted. After all, you’re at or near the top of your profession, and so far your questioning seems to have worked. But questioning can always be enhanced to help you achieve your objectives more quickly and effectively.

Working with an award-winning journalist for whom questioning was once a bread-and-butter activity, you will learn how to consider your lines of enquiry in a different way.

This will help you gain information and respect, making your conversations more constructive, and ultimately enhancing your chances of achieving your aims. Our impact consultant will provide invaluable guidance that could make all the difference to your business.

Responding influentially

Responding influentially - Creating powerful interactionsYour answers to questions can significantly boost your reputation or – conversely – undermine it.

Are you one hundred percent confident that you always respond in the right way at the right time to the right people?

Or is there a niggling concern that one day you might get it wrong?

Your responses determine how other people perceive you. And that can make a big difference to your reputation and your success.

Our Leadership Communication Specialist will help you convey the most appropriate messages in the most appropriate way.

So whether you are:

  • Holding a routine teleconference
  • Responding in a Q&A session at a shareholders’ meeting
  • Answering tough questions from an investigative journalist or disgruntled stakeholder…

…you can feel happy that you know what you are doing in every situation, and that you will represent yourself and your organisation in the most effective way.

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