The Presentation Saviour Intensive

Senior Executive Presentation Coaching

Executive presentation coaching for senior executives

Empowering you to influence and inspire

  • Concerned about a critical presentation?
  • Worried how your nerves might affect you?
  • Anxious you won’t give a good performance?
  • Afraid you might not get buy-in to your ideas?
  • Apprehensive about the consequences?

The world’s greatest presenters exploit a number of simple skills to get people on-side. You too can learn these skills to influence and inspire.

Whether you are about to pitch for business, encourage investors or deliver corporate news, The Presentation Saviour Intensive will help you create and deliver a talk that allows you to shine, earning you trust and respect.

What’s involved in our executive communication coaching?

Executive presentation coaching for senior personnel

The Presentation Saviour Intensive program consists of four 1.5 hour training/coaching sessions, delivered virtually over the course of a month, to help you achieve and deliver your ideal pitches and presentations.

Between sessions Helen will provide extensive phone and email contact as you refine your content, and work on your delivery style and skills.

Through this compelling program you will discover how to:

  • Develop an influential narrative with convincing, memorable messages
  • Quash any nerves and speak persuasively and confidently
  • Communicate with charisma and credibility
  • Exude authority, gravitas and warmth
  • Inspire rapt attention to increase buy-in

Our unique approach to executive presentation coaching

Executive presentation coach for senior executives, Helen SewellOur executive presentation coaching is delivered by Simply Speaking founder Helen Sewell – Europe’s only radio and TV broadcaster with an MA in Communication and Performance Coaching.

After many years of presenting, producing and training journalists for the BBC, Helen recognised that journalistic and broadcast techniques are highly applicable and simply transferable to the corporate world.

Helen’s  exclusive methods will enable you to blend journalistic elegance with inspiring delivery skills, empowering you to influence your audience with composure and poise.

Free e-course: your next step towards brilliant presentation skills

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