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Effective Communication Training For Great Responses

Giving great responses: effective communication training

Your words, your reputation

The words and messages you convey are fundamental, whether you are responding to ideas at a meeting, being interviewed on TV or holding a Q&A session after a presentation.

Your words have a major impact on how you are perceived. They influence your reputation.

Our effective communication training, led by former, award-winning BBC journalist Helen Sewell, will show you how to give great responses in any situation.

The value of great responses

Learn the value of great responses to respond influentially

In most interpersonal communications, your messages are matched in importance by your ability to listen actively and question creatively.

But developing an in-depth understanding of other people and assessing what makes them tick will give you the upper hand when it comes to responding effectively to their comments.

As your ability to recognise and understand personal traits becomes even stronger, your interactions will become increasingly powerful. You will always feel in charge and this will strengthen your executive presence and your aura of gravitas and authority.

Effective communication training for Q&A and interviews

In Q&As and media interviews, while active listening plays a major role, it is also vital to demonstrate the intellectual aptitude for choosing the right words at the right time to express the right message.

Thinking on your feet quickly and effectively is a careful skill, and we will show you how to support your mental reasoning as you weigh up how to respond to even the toughest of questions.

Responding influentially in tough situations

Executive communication coaching for responding influentially in tough situations

There is great skill in taking control of a difficult situation and turning it around to your advantage. With control comes power, and with power comes influence.

Through the process of effective communication training, our clients know how best to respond in situations where others are cynical, disappointed or downright hostile. They can spot trick questions and they know how to avoid falling into traps.

More than that, they know how to bring the ball back into their own court and steer the situation into their own favour.

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