The Influence Boost Workshop

Game-Changing Executive Communication Training

Executive communication training for influence and impact

Group training that empowers your Executives to influence

Brilliant communication can drive sales, aid strategic partnerships and facilitate the recruitment and retention of talent. And it can do much more besides, of course.

Yet thousands, if not millions of executives have untapped communication potential.

Our executive communication training has significant results: increased efficiency, raised productivity and a potentially profound effect on profitability.

Executive communication training at its best

  • Want your Executives to inspire others to follow their suggestions?
  • Perform with professional pizzazz?
  • Persuade and convince more effectively?
  • Enhance their working relationships and eliminate misunderstandings?
  • Increase their overall influence and impact?

The Influence Boost Workshop will empower your Executives to develop exceptional communication skills – accelerating the potential for individual and organisational success.

This in-house program involves a series of bespoke, virtual training sessions for up to six Executives who want to inspire. It includes three months of ad-hoc individual support, while participants hone their communication skills and increase their influence and impact. The program has instant results, with sustainable skills acquisition and measurable outcomes.

What’s involved in our executive communication training?

The Influence Boost Workshop - Executive communication coaching

The highly acclaimed Influence Boost Workshop teaches the art and science of superb communication. It ensures that each participant knows how to:

  • Devise and deliver virtuoso presentations
  • Achieve results in every meeting
  • Answer tough questions with confidence and conviction
  • Cultivate more constructive conversations for better relationships
  • Inspire rapt attention and increase buy-in

Our unique approach

Helen Sewell – executive communication training expertOur executive communication training is delivered by Simply Speaking founder Helen Sewell.

Helen is Europe’s only radio and TV broadcaster with an MA in Communication and Performance Coaching.

After many years of presenting, producing and training journalists for the BBC, Helen recognised that journalistic and broadcast techniques are highly applicable and simply transferable to the corporate world.

Helen’s exclusive methods blend journalistic elegance, inspiring delivery skills and powerful communication, empowering Executives to influence and persuade.

Free e-course on influential communication

As a taster of our executive communication training, we’d like to send you Helen’s free e-course, which contains practical tips, tools and techniques on becoming more influential. Just sign up here and the first lesson will be winging its way to your inbox within minutes.

Your next step towards more influential Executives

If you want your Executives to increase their influence and become more inspiring, please get in touch today.

Why not give your Executives that all-important boost and steer your organisation towards better business success.