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Expert Vocal Coaching for a Rich, Resonant Voice

Expert Vocal Coaching for a Rich, Resonant Voice

To establish an authoritative gravitas and make a significant impact with your words, it is fundamental to use your voice to optimum effect.

Your voice, your body language and your words play equally important roles in helping you speak with impact.

Vocal coaching forms an integral part of all our Executive Communication Programs for senior and C-level personnel.

Vocal coaching for a Formula 1 voice

Develop a rich, resonant speaking voice and an authoritative gravitasThe voice is a bit like a fast sports car. When the integral parts under the bonnet of a Maserati work together in sync, you get an exhilarating ride in a vehicle that attracts envy and excitement – people can’t take their eyes off it.

When the integral parts of the voice work together in harmony, you create a rich, dynamic sound that excites and inspires attention – people don’t want to stop listening.

This effective voice use – based on techniques employed by actors and opera singers – adds gravitas and authority to every communication.

A dynamic voice can significantly enhance your message and how people perceive you.

Voice training vs. vocal coaching

People often ask us to define the difference, so here goes:

  • Voice training teaches you certain vocal techniques to ensure you make the most of your voice.
  • Vocal coaching helps you to practise and integrate those techniques.

If you don’t use them, you lose them, but when you practise the techniques they become natural.

In vocal coaching with senior clients, our Director, Helen Sewell focuses on how to:

These stimulating sounds reflect a variety of elements including :

  • Pitch, range and intonation (the musical ups and downs)
  • Rich resonant tones
  • Speech patterns and rhythms.

Enhancing these vocal aspects will make your voice more attractive and appealing.

Looking after your voice

Expertly qualified BBC vocal coaching for senior and C-level executives. Learn how to look after your throat for maximum impact.Maintaining a healthy voice is vital for successful speaking. Yet daily voice problems affect more than six million people in the UK alone (that’s about a tenth of the population). Let’s make sure you are not one of them.

Your voice is a rather delicate piece of kit which can let you down if you don’t treat it properly, so it is essential to know how to use it well.

Unfortunately they don’t teach this at school, college or university. But if you want to get ahead in business, it is vital to maitain a healthy voice to ensure it will always support you when you need it.

There are some very simple, very effective steps to maintain good vocal health.

Your voice: rust-heap or pride and joy?

Just as you wouldn’t take your car on an important, long journey without checking the oil, tyres and water beforehand, you should never go into an important meeting, media interview or presentation without being aware of the vocal do’s and don’ts.

Just like the engine of a sports car your voice needs looking after. If you never serviced your car it would rust and fall to pieces. If you don’t care for your voice you risk damaging your rather delicate vocal cords. And unfortunately, unlike car parts, they’re not so easy to replace or repair.

So looking after your voice should be a priority. Our vocal coaching will show you how to keep your voice in tip top condition.

Free e-course including distance vocal coaching

If your voice is letting you down, and you feel something needs to change, we’d like to offer you our free e-course which includes vocal coaching advice and techniques to try at home. There’s also lots of guidance on other areas of influential communication.

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