Executive Presence

Executive Presence Coaching for Authority and Gravitas

Executive presence coaching for authority and gravitas

What exactly is Executive Presence?

Executive Presence is an authoritative presence that engenders trust. It grabs and holds attention and is intrinsically linked with gravitas.

Executive Presence means connecting with your audience on a fundamental level, and captivating them by speaking with credibility.

It involves influencing the way your audience feel, by:

  • Feeling comfortable and powerful within yourself
  • Being physically convincing
  • Creating a strong, warm atmosphere

Executive Presence doesn’t have to be intangible. Our Executive Presence coaching teaches a set of skills which, when combined, create an impression which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Creating Executive Presence

Creating executive presence training involves physical, psychological and intellectual factors

There are three main factors involved: physical, psychological and intellectual.

As an integral part of all our Executive Communication Programs, our Director, Helen Sewell, will provide Executive Presence coaching to guide you through each one of these factors, helping you to integrate the most pertinent aspects.

1. Physical elements of Executive Presence

Your posture, eyes, voice and energy are all central to Executive Presence, along with the connection between your body and breath.

To exude an aura of Executive Presence it is vital to:

2. Psychological elements of Executive Presence

When it comes to emotions, your levels of awareness and sensitivity play a major role in Executive Presence. Connecting deeply with others enables you to emanate a strong sense of gravitas and warmth, drawing people to you.

3. Intellectual elements of Executive Presence

Combine the intellectual factors of your attitudes, thoughts and imagination with your physicality and your psychological awareness, and you start to create a powerful atmosphere. That atmosphere is what establishes your Executive Presence.

Non-verbal communication as part of Executive Presence

Non-verbal communication coaching is part ofour training to create executive presence

Convincing speakers use powerful non-verbal communication, including strong, defined movements and stillness. But unless you are taught to use your personal body language effectively, it can be hard to know what to do.

The body speaks very loudly, and your actions are influenced by your intentions. So it is very easy for unconscious messages to seep out, and your non-verbal communication can inadvertently undermine your words.

To have impact, your body language must reflect your words and vice versa. Our Executive Presence coaching will ensure that you know how to match these comfortably, so your audience can simultaneously see, hear and understand what you mean.

The role of eye contact in Executive Presence

The role of eye contact in creating executive presence

Eye contact is a major contributor to Executive Presence, and although it might sound simple, many business leaders find it difficult to make appropriate eye contact.

There are lots of misconceptions about what to do, and our Executive Presence coaching will clear these up for you and show you how to make effective eye contact, increasing your authority and rapport with others and establishing a strong, credible Executive Presence.

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