The Reputation Raiser Program

Impact Coaching for Ambitious Business Leaders

Why choose us for executive communication coaching

A 12-month individual program for leaders who want to shine

  • Want to raise your profile and create a phenomenal personal reputation?
  • Influence and inspire staff, clients and stakeholders?
  • Stimulate a productive culture of communication that increases profits?
  • Boost corporate reputation by up to two-thirds?
  • Escalate the market value of your business?

Our unique approach to Reputation and Impact Coaching can empower you to help this happen.

The value of impact coaching on raising your reputation

Impact Coaching for Ambitious Business Leaders

The Reputation Raiser Program is our Platinum offering for CEOs and Senior Executives who are committed to the highest levels of communication.

Role-model business leaders with exemplary communication skills can have a massive effect on a company.

Independent studies show that individual reputation can account for up to two-thirds of overall corporate reputation, with effective communication playing a critical role.

But research also shows that businesses lose billions annually due to poor communication (£11 billion GBP in the UK alone).

If you can ensure that you speak brilliantly and your style is reflected in the company’s communication culture, what value would this add to your business?

What does our impact coaching program involve?

The one-year plus Reputation Raiser Program consists of three one-hour coaching sessions per month with Helen Sewell. Coaching is on a one-to-one basis and Helen provides extensive phone and email support between sessions as you perfect your communication skills, increase your influence and enhance your reputation. After twelve months, Helen will continue to support you, with a further coaching session once a quarter for the next year. This allows you to develop even further once the substantive coaching period is over.

Throughout this program you will learn to:

  • Enhance your gravitas and authority;
  • Captivate, convince and compel;
  • Draw others to you and inspire them;
  • Respond brilliantly to tough situations in Q&As, meetings and the media;
  • Create respect, esteem and an exceptional reputation, both internally and externally.

Our unique approach to impact coaching

Impact coaching specialist Helen Sewell Our impact coaching is delivered by Simply Speaking founder Helen Sewell.

Helen is Europe’s only radio and TV broadcaster with an MA in Communication and Performance Coaching.

A BBC journalism trainer for many years, Helen now takes a unique, multidisciplinary approach to successful leadership communication.

She blends sophisticated interpersonal techniques with  principles of journalistic elegance and an exclusive approach to charisma and presence. And she mixes these with professional performance skills to make each client shine.

It’s a powerful way to start raising your reputation.

Free e-course: the next step towards enhancing your reputation

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