Stimulating Sounds

Executive Voice Coaching for Engaging Speech

Executive voice coaching for engaging speech

The natural music of the voice

Musical ups and downs are vital for vibrant, enthusiastic communication, and even the least musical of people can make their speech more melodic.

As well as vocal volume and clarity the musicality of your voice is fundamental if you want to keep people listening. It also tells them how you’re feeling inside.

Enhancing the natural music of your speech will make your voice more attractive and appealing, and people will want to listen more closely.

Executive Voice Coaching forms an integral part of our Executive Communication Programs, delivered by award-winning BBC presenter Helen Sewell. Helen has an MA in Communication and Performance Coaching and she specialises in effective voice use.

Executive voice coaching to create rich resonance

Executive voice coaching to create rich resonance

The way that your voice echoes around the air-filled spaces in your body can add life, tone and variety to the sound. The balance of echoes (resonance) in your mouth, nose and chest affects how others hear you.

Perhaps you sound shrill or booming, or as if you have a blocked nose. Or maybe your voice just needs the odd tweak.

Helen will help you balance your resonance, bringing out your best tones and creating variety to stimulate your audience.

Executive voice coaching in rhythm, word stress and intonation

Executive voice coaching in rhythm, word stress and intonation

Everyone responds to rhythm. There’s a chicken-and-egg argument over whether speech triggered the origins of music and dance, or whether music and dance formed the catalyst for spoken language. Either way, the rhythm of your speech is fundamental, and Helen will make you more aware of rhythms, and how to use them to optimal effect.

This includes stressing essential words with expertise, and using clever intonation to make your point more strongly.

Helen will encourage you to vary your speaking pace, and include pauses at appropriate moments.

All this will result in a more varied and musical sound, which will persuade people to listen with more interest.

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