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Executive Communication Coach for Business Leaders

Leading executive communication coach Helen Sewell Simply Speaking was founded in 2003 by the award-winning BBC journalist and professional communication skills specialist Helen Sewell.

As an Executive Communication Coach with a background in investigative journalism, Helen identified that business leaders were failing to communicate effectively, and as a result their companies were struggling to flourish.

With extensive experience of training journalists, and as Europe’s only radio and TV broadcaster with an MA in Communication and Performance Coaching, Helen was determined to resolve the issue. She addressed it with a powerful, new approach to leadership communication, which still proves very successful today.

Unique, demonstrably successful coaching

Guided by many years of journalism with the BBC, Helen now empowers corporate clients to adopt the BBC’s most effective techniques of questioning, listening and storytelling.

Helen integrates these techniques into a business communication methodology with Executive Presence at its heart, linked with performance skills such as engaging use of voice and physicality.

Together, all these elements lead to influential interactions.

Now well established, Helen’s leadership communication methodology is highly successful at helping clients and companies to achieve their aims.

Helen’s unique expertise and methods work so well that they can dramatically increase profits – something no other Executive Communication Coach can demonstrate.

Powerful support for powerful business leaders

Learn winning communication skills with our unparalleled executive communication coach

Simply Speaking teaches business leaders the art and science of influence and impact. Based in London, UK, we provide leadership communication coaching, training, mentoring and consultancy.

Our Executive Communication Coach, Helen Sewell, offers a number of programs to enrich communication skills:

Programs for C-level and Senior Executives

The Reputation Raiser Program: A 12-month bespoke development program to increase your impact and raise your reputation.

The Presentation Saviour Intensive: Two half-days of coaching plus extensive support, empowering you to influence and inspire in important pitches and presentations.

The Media Rescue Intensive: Two half-days of coaching plus extensive support when you need to impress and influence in media interviews.

Programs for all Executives

When communication stakes are high, Helen offers a two-day program – The Influence Boost Workshop – helping Executives to build better business relationships and achieve increased buy-in to their suggestions.

What you will achieve with an Executive Communication Coach

Executive communication coach empowers leaders to shine

Helen’s programs will enhance your gravitas, authority and executive presence.

All programs are bespoke and tailored to your specific needs, so depending on individual and corporate requirements, Helen may include elements of:

Complimentary advice from our Executive Communication Coach

To help you speak successfully and enhance your influence and reputation, Helen has devised a free e-course for you, with oodles of practical advice to get you started.

It’ll help you say the right thing at the right time to the right people while sounding great, looking professional, and feeling powerful.

Just sign up here, we’ll send you a quick email to confirm that you’re happy to receive the course, and voilà, you’ll be on your way to demonstrating impact and influence.

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It’s a tough world out there. And communication plays a massive role in business success. Your business will thank you if you give it the chance it needs, and start boosting your leadership communication skills today.