Authoritative Confidence

Executive Confidence Coaching To Boost Performance

Executive Confidence Coaching to Boost Performance

Exude confidence, banish fear of public speaking and media interviews

Successful leaders exude confidence – sometimes quiet confidence, sometimes flamboyant confidence. Always authoritative confidence and gravitas.

Yet a large proportion of high-level Executives suffer in silence from secret public speaking nerves and media interview anxiety.

In recent surveys of British business leaders:

  • 50% said they found public speaking the most daunting part of their job
  • 70% admitted to being worried or scared about addressing a large conference 
  • 80% are terrified of giving a TV interview.

If you can relate to this, then confidence coaching is absolutely fundamental.

Confidence coaching to take control and lead with flair

Confidence coaching to take control and lead with flair

When a great speaker holds the room, particularly in stressful circumstances, it is impossible to tell if their assurance is entirely real, or if they are paddling madly away under the surface like the proverbial swan.

Brilliant communicators look, sound and appear completely unruffled at all times. And that’s just one of the factors that distinguishes a great speaker from an acceptable one.

Our Director, Helen Sewell, has proven success in empowering Executives to take control of stressful situations and to lead with confidence, authority, presence and gravitas.

One client came to Helen recently after spending 18 months in therapy trying to get over his fear of public speaking. At the end of their intensive coaching program he was delighted with his progress. He said that Helen had done more for him in just two half-days of presentation confidence coaching than his therapist had achieved in a year and a half.

The effects of public speaking and media interview fears

Overcome your fears of public speaking and media interviews with our communication coaching programs for executivesMost Executives have some level of public speaking anxiety, particularly when giving a critical presentation or facing a bank of TV cameras.

They don’t feel in control. And that leads to a surge of the fight-or-flight hormone, adrenaline – a hormone which aims to save your life in deadly situations.

Of course facing a hostile audience or a bank of TV cameras is not a life-threatening event. But your body doesn’t know that.

It is completely normal for adrenaline levels to rise when you are about to perform. In fact a mild adrenaline surge can enhance your performance. It's what professional speakers thrive on.

A flood of adrenaline can have the opposite effect however – giving you trembling hands, a dry mouth and a shaky voice.

Feeling like this makes you worry even more, which increases your adrenaline levels and exacerbates your symptoms, forcing you into a vicious circle.

It doesn’t help that when you are less than comfortable, you tend to give away “tells” – physical, vocal or verbal signs of your predicament.

And unfortunately, once people spot these, they are likely to start focusing more on your tells than on the message you are trying to put across.

Eliminate your fears and your adrenaline naturally

Eliminate your fears of public speaking and media interviews with our executive communication coaching programs

Helen Sewell's holistic, completely natural techniques will help you block the production of adrenaline.

With Helen's unique methods, only a little of the hormone will seep into your bloodstream, and this will benefit rather than hinder you.

Without the physical discomfort caused by adrenaline, you will be able to think more clearly, speak more convincingly and come across with authority and confidence.

It might sound simple, but much of your new confidence will also come from knowing exactly what to do. Knowing is half the battle. You will win the other half by using our specialist physical and emotional techniques.

With Helen's confidence coaching you can reduce your nerves, feel calm and collected, and connect with your message and your audience at all times.

And if you already have the good luck to be naturally confident she will make sure you use that confident energy appropriately to add sparkle to your speech and impact to your words.

Learn to demonstrate authoritative confidence at all times

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You’ll also find loads of practical advice on increasing your influence and impact overall. 

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