Questioning Creatively

Expert Questioning Techniques Achieve Objectives Fast

Expert questioning techniques to achieve objectives fast

The importance of creative questioning

Business leaders who ask the right questions, in the right way, to the right people, can assess much more easily how to achieve their objectives.

At its most simplistic, the basis of questioning creatively involves:

  • Thinking about what you don’t know, and what you really need to know
  • Treating everyone as equals
  • Being yourself and thanking people for their answers

Adhering to these simple principles will help you to:

  • Gain you information and respect
  • Make your conversations more constructive
  • Ultimately enhance your chances of achieving your aims

Inadvertently poor questioning techniques lead to poor answers

Inadvertently poor questioning techniques lead to poor answers

Many people ask the wrong questions, in the wrong way, to the wrong people. While this is obviously not the path to business success, it’s hard to know if you’re questioning effectively if you’ve never been taught the ropes. But of course ineffective questions mean ineffective management.

Do any of the following apply to you?

Can you write a list of your favourite questions?
If so, your questions are more habitual than creative.

Are people sometimes unsure how to answer, or do they ask what you mean?
If so, you may well be asking questions out of context.

Do you take things for granted?
If fleeting thoughts cross your mind, you may be missing important information.

Are some of your questions non-critical?
If so, this probably side-tracks your conversations.

Do you ever try to get answers quickly because you are in a hurry?
Better questions that take more time lead to more constructive answers.

These examples demonstrate just a brief a selection of issues related to ineffective questioning techniques. There are many more besides.

Questioning creatively and effectively

Questioning creatively and effectively

Asking the right questions is a fundamental aspect of good management, and your manner and style of questioning are as important as the substance of the question itself.

Our Executive Communication Programs, delivered by former, award-winning BBC journalist Helen Sewell, will help you to understand and enhance your own personal questioning style.

  • Helen will show you how to ask questions that empower the respondent, getting better results
  • We’ll look at the different types of questions to use in different situations with different people
  • Helen will help you understand which types of questions to avoid and why

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