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CEO Media Training

Executive media training by award-winning BBC journalist

Empowering you to impress with confidence

  • Daunted by the prospect of a media interview?
  • Nervous about facing the TV cameras?
  • Fearful you might say the wrong thing?
  • Worried your words will be used out of context?
  • Concerned about the implications?

Most business leaders find media interviews the most intimidating part of their role – emphasising the need for effective media training.

For CEOs and Senior Executives, recent research shows that facing a TV camera creates more anxiety than any other part of the job.

But by learning how to take control and play the ‘interview game’, your confidence will blossom.

By integrating specific details into your answers and exploiting the most influential elements of your voice and physicality, you can convey a successful message within a powerful performance, and leave the interview feeling great!

The benefits of CEO media training with Simply Speaking

The benefits of executive BBC media training with Simply Speaking

Making your mark in the media and becoming well known as a spokesperson for your business or industry gives you credibility and authority, leading to a positive reputation that gets you ahead in business.

Simply Speaking founder Helen Sewell previously worked as an international BBC journalist and journalism trainer. She has a Master’s degree in Communication and Performance Coaching.

An award-winning investigative interviewer, Helen will challenge and support you as you learn to control each interview and satisfy the journalist, while sliding seamlessly into your own messages.

Helen will teach you how to prepare for TV, radio and press interviews and how to face the media with confidence. She will show you how to deliver your messages with presence and power.

When you start thinking of each interview as an opportunity rather than an ordeal, you will be able to reel off answers fluently and professionally while getting your key messages heard.

What’s involved in CEO media training?

Executive media training by award-winning BBC journalist Helen SewellThe Media Rescue Intensive program consists of four x 1.5 hour CEO media training/coaching sessions with Helen Sewell over a one-month period, plus extensive phone and email support between sessions as you hone your messages, brainstorm questions and practise your answers.

This experiential program involves significant practice in radio, TV and print interviews, depending on your requirements.

You will learn in a safe environment, with professional, expert coaching to guide you towards the most comfortable, effective and successful interview techniques. This program will both challenge and stimulate you, empowering you to:

  • Convert your concerns into confidence
  • Convey convincing messages with gravitas
  • Answer tough questions with authority, integrity and credibility
  • Demonstrate a professional performance that engenders trust
  • Portray yourself positively and enhance your reputation

What if the media has a negative or damaging agenda?

Journalists are not usually out to get you. Their aim is to uncover the truth, and once you know how they work you will be able to second-guess their questions and take control of your interviews.

Even if a reporter appears to approach your story with a negative angle, we believe that no publicity is bad publicity. Helen will demonstrate how to turn any interview to your advantage.

Making the most of the media

BBC media training program for senior executives

Preparation is key, and this intensive CEO media training and coaching will show you how to plan your comments succinctly and successfully, whether you have weeks or minutes before you make a public statement and whether you are talking to the press or to the broadcast media.

Great interview techniques are vital to convey your message accurately and effectively. But rather than learning ‘on-the-job’ and risking mistakes which could potentially damage your reputation, our CEO media training offers an opportunity to acquire and practise the skills of successful interviewing outside the glare of the media spotlight.

More details about our CEO media training

BBC media training program for senior executives

This bespoke CEO media training program will focus on your specific requirements.

It is likely to include coaching in recorded and live interviews. It will certainly explain exactly which of your words a journalist is likely to use and why.

Helen Sewell will show you how to tailor what you say to give you more control over which quote is published or which soundbite is broadcast.

If you are articulate and confident you are more likely to give a good interview, and this CEO media training course will help you to:

Supported by Helen’s internationally respected journalistic skills and credentials, along with her high-level pedagogical qualification, you will have plenty of opportunity for interview practice, feedback and improvement.

By the end of your CEO media training program you will feel much more confident and ready to meet and manage the media.

Free e-course to help you to meet and win the media challenge

Explore our free e-course to meet and win the media challenge and our executive bbc media training program.To learn more about performing successfully and professionally in media interviews, do sign up for our free executive communication e-course.

You’ll need to excel in a wide range of communication skills to give a great interview. This executive communication e-course aims to provide a strong grounding in how to:

Look authoritative

Sound influential

Feel confident and powerful

Answer questions effectively.

What better way to approach an interview?

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Strike while the iron is hot!

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