Helen Sewell

Unparalleled Leadership Communication Coach

Helen Sewell – Unique Leadership Communication CoachHelen Sewell has unique skills, qualifications and credentials for empowering leaders to communicate with influence and impact.

Her exclusive techniques help CEOs and Senior Executives turn their words into gold.

A science graduate, award-winning, international BBC broadcaster and former BBC journalism trainer, Helen is Europe’s only radio and TV professional to hold a Master of Arts degree in Communication and Performance Coaching.

Helen also has a compendium of additional qualifications relating to the psychology and physiology of communication.

A leadership communication coach with a difference, Helen blends her diverse range of skills and experience into a multidisciplinary approach for her clients – adapting the principles of broadcast journalism into a successful Leadership Communication Methodology, and combining this with unparalleled professional expertise in Personal Performance Coaching and Mentoring.

Helen’s philosophy and expertise

Helen amalgamates three fundamental areas of communication into her work as a leadership communication coach – the intellectual, the psychological and the physical. She combines these into a fresh, powerful approach which combines the art and science of influence and impact.

Her unique expertise as a communication coach allows her to guide clients to supreme levels of executive communication.

Intellectual impact: exerting influence

Helen Sewell – The ultimate leadership communication coach

Helen draws on her experience as a leading BBC journalism trainer to help senior executives create highly-focused messages that get buy-in.

She uses TV production expertise as the basis for transforming complex information into engaging visuals.

And by mixing counselling and journalism skills, she empowers her clients to listen more effectively and respond brilliantly in conversations, Q&As and media interviews.

Psychological impact: sustaining poise and composure

Learn to inspire: Executive BBC communication coach

Helen helps leaders to think more clearly and speak more effectively, staying relaxed and composed, even under major stress.

She has great success at helping nervous speakers to overcome the fear of public speaking, enabling them to deliver successful presentations and give confident media interviews.

Her unique, holistic approach combines NLP, Alexander Technique, and respiratory physiotherapy, endowing her clients with a deep sense of inner confidence and an aura of calm professionalism.

Physical impact: engaging others consistently

Executive communication coaching free tips

Like the vast majority of leaders, you may well impede your personal performance and dampen your impact with physical habits you don’t even know you have. This will inevitably detract from your ability to engage and influence.

A leadership communication coach with physical therapy qualifications to complement her expertise in interpersonal interactions and personal performance, Helen uses her professional understanding of the body to identify unhelpful habits, helping people replace these with positive practices.

Helen empowers each client to develop a rich, influential voice and authentic, powerful body language creating a warm, authoritative presence.

Free e-course to boost your impact and influence

Successful communication skills are absolutely fundamental. So Helen would like to offer you a free e-course, to help you speak brilliantly, enhance your influence and reputation and boost your business success. She has compiled loads of practical, useful advice to get you started.

Most leaders share a common desire to say the right thing at the right time to the right people while sounding great, looking professional, and feeling powerful.

There’s just one short step to putting yourself on the path to that leadership communication success. All we need is your details here and we’ll send you the first lesson within the next few minutes. Impact and influence, here you come!

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