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Raise profits with unique leadership development courses

Increasing your influence: outstanding results

Academic research has demonstrated that Helen Sewell’s leadership development methods and unique techniques for  enhancing personal impact can dramatically increase profits – a result no other Executive Communication Coach can demonstrate.

Helen scientifically tested the value of her work by training a team of sales executives. After training, 80% of participants increased their productivity, with sales rising by an average of 20% compared with those of an untrained control group.

The figures speak for themselves.

Even more significant perhaps, Helen’s investigation focused on vocal performance alone. For this experiment, Helen decided not to coach participants in what to say, just how to say it, meaning that the messages conveyed were not a variable.

The results show that Helen’s help in enriching the voice alone can have a major impact on how people are perceived, and whether others buy in to what they say, regardless of their words.

Helen worked with sales personnel purely to test the quantitative impact of voice training. She now employs the same techniques in leadership development programs with Senior Executives, with outstanding qualitative results.

The impact of communication-based leadership development courses

Voice is just one weapon in the armoury of brilliant communication skills, of course, and Helen’s communication-based leadership development courses lean heavily on a number of other areas of her expertise, including:

The results are off the scale. Battle won.

Making an exceptional investment

Our unique leadership development courses raise revenue and save you money.As well as raising revenue, investing in Helen’s expertise in leadership development courses can also save you money.

Published research shows that the UK economy loses £11 billion GBP per year because people switch off when they become bored.

Think about an average manager earning £43,000 GBP per annum and spending just one hour per week at a dull presentation.

Now consider all the managers in the UK following suit. No-one listens. Time is wasted. Money goes down the drain. The cost to industry as a whole is absolutely massive.

That £11 billion GBP is a conservative estimate based on salaries alone. Add in preparation time, travel expenses, venue and equipment hire and refreshments and the figure skyrockets.

And while these figures come from the UK, the very same trend is reflected across the world.

Smut or business?

Leadership development courses ensure your meetings and presentations are stimulating to prevent boredom.

The results of a further study might initially be wryly amusing, but are really rather concerning.

It turns out that nearly 70% of people at a boring presentation spend at least some time thinking about whether they fancy someone in the room, or daydreaming about something smutty. Which for most companies is probably not the topic of the day.

Working with Helen will ensure that your meetings and presentations are stimulating in the appropriate way. And this will make them financially valuable.

Helen’s training and coaching will also win you respect from colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

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